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Talks and joint seminar at the HdBA within the Erasmus+ Program II

Transnational exchange on Law subjects

On June 6th, Professor József Hajdú visited the HdBA with two of his PhD students. They held a joint seminar with Professor Yasemin Körtek and her students on recent developments in social security law. In a comparative perspective HdBA students and Prof. Hajdú`s team presented und discussed matters of digitalisation and e-health developments in Hungary as well as the promotion of low-income families in Germany, further social assistance and integration of foreigners into the labour market.

As a lawyer Prof. Hajdú is also member of the European Committee of Social Rights at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Vice rector Prof. Türkan Ayan emphasized that this joint venture has been running for five years and that the seminar involved students from boths Universities. „To me“, Prof. Ayan comments, „this is the best way of transnational exchange promoting the European Idea“.

Prof. Körtek lauded the lively discussions and plans to continue the successful collaboration with the University of Szeged (Hungary).