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Talks and joint seminar at the HdBA within the Erasmus+ Program I

Transnational Exchange on Law subjects

Funded by the European Erasmus+ program, Professor Yasemin Körtek organized several lectures by international guests at the HdBA in Mannheim. Professor Körtek engages in international collaborations since her onboarding at the HdBA in 2011. As a lawyer for social security issues she is interested in sharing the benefits of her international network with our students at the HdBA. „My aim is to open a broader perspective on law matters for our students“, Prof. Körtek explains her motivation.

On June 5th, Ass. Prof. Pelin Tuaç Yilmaz gave an introduction to the social security system in Turkey. Around 250 students learned more about the transition phase Turkey is currently facing. The overview on current reforms and security schemes allowed comparisons with European models such as the German "Bismarck model". Among the specifics of the Turkish system Prof. Tuaç Yilmaz highlighted the judical emplacement of the health insurance.

Prof. Tuaç Yilmaz is a member of the faculty for Labour Economics and Industrial Relations at Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir (Turkey). It hosts more than 72.000 students and offers courses for foreign students in English, French and German.

Vice rector Prof. Türkan Ayan welcomed Mrs Tuaç Yilmaz on behalf of the HdBA and emphasized the great opportunity for our students to gain knowledge and to compare law systems. She encouraged students to comment and ask questions in English. After the talk students expressed their interest by inquiring about the upcoming challenges for the social security system in Turkey: Why are there different retirement ages for men and women? Is the unemployment insurance financed by tax money? etc. It was a great honour to welcome Prof. Tuaç Yilmaz. We thank her also for providing two seminars in morning classes.