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International Congress: October 3rd - 6th 2012

Title: Career Guidance for Social Justice, Prosperity and Sustainable Employment – Challenges for the 21th Century


The economic and financial crisis has affected many societies around the globe – not only financially and economically but also in their social cohesion. The crisis has unsettled individuals – many of them did not only lose their job and economic basis but were also affected in their personal identity and human dignity. The social gap between the rich and the poor has increased. On the other hand demographic changes and shortage of skilled labour tend to impact on economic growth and competitiveness. Lifelong learning and effective labour market integration of the most vulnerable groups still remain outstanding future challenges in the pursuit of social justice and social inclusion, social and economic well being and prosperity. What can be the role of a career guidance profession which is committed to these goals? How can career professionals contribute to better chances in education and employment, to social inclusion, lifelong learning and sustainable growth? How can we improve the social and educational integration of a growing migrant population? Which concepts do we have to meet the consequences of demographic change and ageing societies in some countries? Which are the strategies for a socially responsible and sustainable human resource development that can meet these challenges? And last but not least: How can we demonstrate the impact of career guidance on the achievement of these goals and show the economic benefit of guidance interventions?


The conference will deal with these issues in eight thematic fields:

  • Career Guidance in a Globalized World
  • Career Guidance for Skills Development, Functioning Labour Markets, and Social Inclusion
  • Providing Career Management Skills– New All-age Services and Diversity Related Concepts
  • Theories for a Better Practice: New Scientific and Research Approaches in Career Guidance and Counselling
  • Modern Technology for Future Oriented Inclusive Guidance Services and Delivery
  • Quality Development in Career Guidance; Competences, Qualifications, Ethical and Professional Behaviour of Guidance Practitioners
  • Measuring the Immeasurable: Outcomes and Impact of Career Guidance and Counselling Interventions – “Prove it works”
  • Policy for Coherent and Transparent Guidance Systems: National and International Developments and Challenges


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