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Jahrestagung der IAEVG in Bratislava: Themen und Beiträge der HdBA

  • Everywhere I see bliss, from which alone I am irrevocably excluded
  • Transition counselling for university graduates with a migration Background
  • Vocational interests, transferable competences, job choice behaviour and coping strategies of unemployed young People
  • Challenges for mobility counsellors: development of emerging career guidance and counselling competences for international mobility
  • Career guidance policies and practice in central European countries – A workshop to discuss actual states and further developments
  • Quality in careers: opportunities, challenges and planning for the future
  • Intersection of social emotional leaning skills and career development – Preliminary results from a German Sub-Study on SEL
  • Cross-cultural dimensions of social emotional learning and their implications for career development
  • The need of the career guidance services for young people in Mongolia
  • Distance Learning Master´s Programme for professionalisation of career counselling in Mongolia
  • Labour market inclusion in a country in transition: A Mongolian model