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Prof. Dr. Katja Görlitz


Articles in Refereed Journals 

  • Görlitz, K., M. Penny and M. Tamm (2022), The long-term effect of age at school entry on cognitive competencies in adulthood. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 194: 91-104
  • Görlitz, K. and M. Tamm (2020), Parenthood and smoking. Economics & Human Biology 38: 100874. 2 
  • Görlitz, K. and M. Tamm (2020), Parenthood, risk attitudes and risky behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology 79: 102189. 
  • Görlitz, K. and C. Gravert (2018), The effects of a high school curriculum reform on university enrollment and the choice of college major. Education Economics 26 (3): 321-336. 
  • Görlitz, K. and S. Rzepka (2017), Does Regional Training Supply Determine Employees’ Training Participation? The Annals of Regional Science 59 (1): 281-296. 
  • Görlitz, K. and M. Tamm (2017), Information, financial aid and training participation: Evidence from a randomized field experiment. Labour Economics 47: 138-148.
  • Görlitz, K. and M. Tamm (2017), Panel data on training activities – Voucher recipients and eligible employees of the program Bildungsprämie. The Journal of Economics and Statistics 237(4): 365-371. 
  • Görlitz, K. and C. Gravert (2016), The effects of the high school curriculum on school dropout. Applied Economics 48 (54): 5314-5328. 
  • Görlitz, K. and M. Tamm (2016), The returns to voucher-financed training on wages, employment and job tasks. Economics of Education Review 52: 51-62.
  • Görlitz, K. and M. Tamm (2016), Revisiting the complementarity between education and training– the role of job tasks and firm effects. Education Economics 24 (3): 261-279. 
  • Burgard, C. and K. Görlitz (2014), Continuous Training, Job Satisfaction and Gender. An Empirical Analysis Using German Panel Data. Evidence-based HRM: a global forum for empirical scholarship 2 (2): 126-144. 
  • Fertig, M. and K. Görlitz (2013), Missing Wages: How to Test for Biased Estimates in Wage Functions? Economics Letters 118 (2): 269-271. 
  • Görlitz, K. and B.S. Grave (2012), Wage Differentials by Field of Study – The Case of German University Graduates. Education Economics 20 (3): 284-302. 
  • Görlitz, K. (2011), Continuous training and wages: An empirical analysis using a comparison-group approach. Economics of Education Review 30 (4):691-701. 
  • Görlitz, K. and J. Stiebale (2011), The Impact of Product Market Competition on Employers' Training Investments. Evidence from German Establishment Panel Data. De Economist 159 (1): 1-23. 
  • Görlitz, K. (2010), The Effect of Subsidizing Continuous Training Investments – Evidence from German Establishment Data. Labour Economics 17 (5): 789-798.
  • Görlitz, K. (2010), The Development of Employers' Training Investments Over Time – A Decomposition Analysis Using German Establishment Data. The Journal of Economics and Statistics 230 (2): 186-207. 
  • Bender, S., M. Fertig, K. Görlitz, M. Huber and A. Schmucker (2009), WeLL – Unique Linked Employer[1]Employee Data on Further Training in Germany. Schmollers Jahrbuch 129 (4): 637-643. 



Discussion Papers 

  • Görlitz, K. and T. Sels (2021), The Effect of Age Diversity in Groups on Peer Evaluations and Individual Performance. HdBA Discussion Papers in Labour Economics No. 21-04. 
  • Görlitz, K. and M. Dorner (2020), Training, Wages and a Missing School Graduation Cohort. IAB-Discussion Paper 202028, Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB), Nürnberg.  


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