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Sustainable work – a thematic focus of the HdBA

Sustainability is on everyone's lips – often associated with the goal of halting global warming, dealing ecologically with care with the world and its resources and developing products that do not affect the future of the planet – the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals represent this. Ecology, economy and the social should interlock accordingly in order to make life possible for future generations. 

Even if this perspective is not without controversy, it is also about the processes with which sustainability goals are to be achieved. Sustainable Development Goal 8, for example, more or less specifically addresses a growth path that continuing is likely to affect other goals. On the other hand, the term 'decent work' also refers to a quality of work and employment, the observance of which is hard to refuse. Sustainability is an extremely ambitious goal that raises many questions about its realization.

The HdBA Sustainable Work Project Group is investigating some of these questions: What can sustainable work look like, what obstacles there are, what does this require of people, regions and governments? What about the sustainability of work in other European and world countries? What can employment services contribute, how important is civil society? What exactly can this be: Working sustainably? 

To this end, (at the Schwerin campus of the HdBA) we work in teaching and research and in cooperation with scientists from other universities and research institutions – primarily from a sociological perspective, but also including other scientific disciplines. The focus is in particular on the topic of sustainable work – from global working conditions in supply chains to the situation within the EU to topics such as occupational health and safety and law and the effects on the specific workplace on site.


Results of the project group work