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Short Description of the Project (English version)

• The project is funded by Erasmus+ Programme - Year 2017 - Key Action 2 - Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices - Strategic partnerships VET
• Duration of the project: 01/11/2017 - 31/10/2019
• Project Number: 2017-1-IT01-KA202-006139

Project Coordinator
• ASPIC Lavoro Associazione di Promozione Sociale (IT)

Beneficiaries/Partners of the project
• EOPPEP (GR) - National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance -
• HdBA - Hochschule der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (DE) - University of Applied Labour Studies of the Federal Employment Agency -
• INSUP Formation (FR) - Non-profit organisation providing vocational training, guidance, initiatives and managed programs, lifelong learning for non qualified youth and adults at risk of labour exclusion -

• to enhance the capacity of self-empowerment and transversal and trasferable skills of professionals and practitioners, involved in different ways and at multiple levels in strategies, actions and processes aiming at the social and labour inclusion of the indirect target-groups exposed to factors that constitute a risk of exclusion;
• to share methodologies and approaches for the identification of skills and competences in order to support personal and social identity of the secondary target-groups as the first stage of a path that can lead to validation and certification, according with national and european rules;
• to integrate existing tools and methodologies (counseling, career counseling, self empowerment process, integrative processes and methodologies for the transfer of skills) or guidance and orientation practices and documents, adopted by the partnership;
• to promote and develop the exchange of practices in the field of training, research, counseling and reception practices adopted across countries through mobility actions;
• to create a transnational partnership and network that gives added value to the different characteristics, perspectives, culture and needs in the countries involved promotes the project's acquis (recommendations, good practices, case studies) at national and european level through dissemination actions in different contexts, involving a variety of stakeholders in the “'Implementation” of these devices at local, national or European level.
• provide short recommendations and guiding principles aimed at improving the adoption and transferability of tools and methodologies, thus providing practicioners with a broader personal "toolbox", equipped with conceptual and operational support, and a transnational network of professionals.

• Short term joint training events for professionals, career counselors, policy makers, and trainers imvolved in the processes of social and labour inclusion of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and adults in career transition. These events will be hosted in three countries partners of the project (France, Germany, Italy)
• Two transnational meetings (Italy, Greece)