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The building of the University is raised from 1980 to 1982 to plans of the architects Schmucker from Mannheim.

It is located in the district of Mannheim Neuostheim. The campus is easily accessible by public transport or by car. The nearest tram stop is only 5 minutes.


The building is one of the best-equipped academic buildings in Germany. Located in a park-like grounds, it offers with 24 classrooms, four rooms for small group work, three practice rooms for communication training, auditorium, extensive library, studio, cafeteria and parking optimal study conditions.

Great emphasis was placed on an accessible, barrier-free facility.


On Mannheim Campus both study programs are offered.


Hochschule der Bundeagentur für Arbeit

Seckenheimer Landstr. 16

68163 Mannheim


How to get from the railway station to the university:

To get from the railway station to the Hotel, please take a short walk to station “Tattersall”.
Take the tram line 6 from “Tattersall” and get off at the station called “Lucas-Cranach-Street”. Just turn left and go through Lucas-Cranach-Street. After 100 meters you will see the university in front.




  • Road Map:




The 2000 building-related university located in the north state capital, in the quarter Lewenberg. The building complex in the rolling hills behind the hospital on the outskirts of the city is visible from the street to Wismar's is negligible. 


On the principle of the "sunken garden", the complex blends harmoniously into the charming terminal moraine. Nevertheless, the area is well connected to the road network and public transport. The biulding. planned by the architects v. Marg and Partners from Hamburg, was designed according to ecological principles and implemented. The facades of the U-shaped campus will be determined by lots of glass and light wood elements.


The 300 student accommodation is optimized for comfortable living and learning. Specially adapted accommodation for people with disabilities are available. Play, leisure and sports zones were fitted harmoniously into the overall concept. Adapted to theneed of the disabled, the classroom building is equipped exemplary and offers a very friendly atmosphere. The 15 classrooms are complemented by a modern auditorium.


In addition, the facility still has six rooms for small groups, two practice rooms for communication training, library and cafeteria.


On Schwerin Campus both study programs are offered.



Hochschule der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (HdBA) 

Campus Schwerin

Wismarsche Str. 405

19055 Schwerin