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University of Applied Labour Studies (UALS)


Founded in 2006, the University of Applied Labour Studies UALS (Hochschule der Bundesagentur für Arbeit -  HdBA) is publicly recognised and accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat). Each year, around 500 students at the two university sites in Mannheim and Schwerin are qualified in dual bachelor programmes to become guidance experts for education, career, employment and labour market management.

The three-year degree programme is comprised of nine four-month trimesters rather than semesters. What is special about the HdBA: The course is a work-and-study programme (dual studies) in which theoretical education alternates with practical phases. The students spend five trimesters at the university in Mannheim or Schwerin. During that time, they do four internships in an Employment Agency, Jobcenter, company, chamber or abroad. The practical part is thus given much more weight than in many other universities, allowing the students to gain experiences in real working life early on.
Guidance and labour market experts as trained by the UALS have to possess distinct professional, methodical, social and personal skills. This is why the curriculum includes a well-balanced combination of subjects from economic, social, educational and legal sciences complemented by expertise in labour market policy, labour market related services and guidance – exactly the kind of skills needed by professionals working for the Federal Employment Agency.

Mannheim and Schwerin offer the two bachelor courses







and the master programme




Each course offers dedicated concentration subjects and differentiation options.


Independent in research and teaching with a strong partner at our side
Besides teaching, the professors also spend time doing applied research and development in the fields of guidance, placement and integration, and organise scientific further training courses for the BA's staff. Although the UALS is supported and financed solely by the Federal Employment Agency, it acts independently in all academic aspects. As a result, all skills taught here can also be applied outside of the BA, e.g. in the field of public management or HR service providers.


Not only does the UALS have an excellent student-faculty ratio, it also gives students of the bachelor courses a financial advantage over their fellow students at other universities, one that is especially important for young people at the beginning of their careers: They receive attractive remuneration already during their studies which allows them to fully concentrate on their courses. Once graduated, they can launch their career. The master's programme is designed for employees of the Federal Employment Agency who want to obtain further scientific qualification while continuing to work.