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University of Applied Labour Studies (UALS)


Being close to the labour market is what many young people have in mind when they start to study. The students want to have the feeling that they chose a seminal subject that opens up a variety of perspectives and allows them to start a job immediately after graduating. The courses should have as much practical relevance as possible, be challenging intellectually, varied, with intensive support from teachers and good conditions of studying.


The University of Applied Labour Studies (UALS) is capable of meeting all these expectations. It offers a course of studies that is highly practice-oriented, interdisciplinary and professionally attractive and guarantees excellent job prospects.


Nowhere else are students as close to the labour market as here: The UALS is the Federal Employment Agency's (BA) pool for recruiting young talents. Synonymous with competent career guidance, placement and employment promotion, the BA is also one of Germany's biggest employers with some 90,000 employees, a fact that is frequently overlooked.